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Image Gallery For Kit Packaging History

As more research is performed and content added to the Estes Model Rocketry website, I became fascinated by the host of different packaging designs and artwork for facecards and hang tags. After scanning the web, I was not able to locate a website that provides well researched access to this type of information. Therefore, it was decided to build a new module for the Estes model rocketry kit collecting website to address my personal need and hopefully delight other serious Estes kit collectors with a ground breaking information source. The incremental module is called the "Image Gallery for Estes Kit Packaging History".

The pictorial guide is a simple concept. I wished to document the full array of Estes kit packaging designs in a pictorial format coupled with a chronological history from earliest to latest offerings. By adding links within the pictorial guide listings, readers can access detailed descriptions for each kit.

I plan to research and present both major and minor kit packaging changes. Following are definitions and examples of major and minor kit changes. For quick access to the Estes hang tag guide, then click here.

Major Kit Design changes include;

- Different hang tag generations

- Different facecard generations, for example K kit facecard updates from early combined multi colored artwork on instruction sheets, to the colored double panel facecards and then the colored skill level facecards.

Minor Kit Packaging changes include;

- Different hang tag and facecard pairings, for example skill level facecards with later black paper hang tags

- Hang tag lettering size or content, for example the small and large letter styles on Rainbow hang tags

- Hang tag pricing differences, for example the skill level hang tags with white blank pricing ovals, or printed prices

- Usage of three different sytle skill level hang tags (See the hang tag guide at top of each Estes Kit Database page)

- Addition of Free Kit stickers.

This guide can be useful to kit collectors in several ways. The guide can serve as a reference during eBay purchases, as a personal inventory reference or for collectors who are just curious and seek more information about individual kit packaging configurations for each the Estes model rocket designs. As is commonly said, "A picture is worth a thousand words", right?

Take a look below at the K-1 Scout image. This is the basic idea of the pictorial guide. However, it is unlikely that any single collector can assemble all packaging design variations in one place at one time to shoot this type of image. The alternative is a "virtual" library or set of images for a single Estes model rocket design. To build a "virtual" library, I am duplicating my Liberty Seated Dime pictorial guide (found in the numismatic section of this website) and applying the template and linkage back into the pricing database for Estes model rocket kits.

Within an individual Estes model rocket pictorial page, a (Details) link is found under the header of each kit design entry. Click on that link to access the kit's full description contained with the Estes Kit Database.

Please remember this will be a work in progress for another several years and your patience is requested as I carve out time for building this comprehensive Estes kit collecting portal.

Gerry Fortin, April 29, 2012


Major Kit Groups


"K" Kits

Scout K-1/1201,   Mark K-2/1202,   Mark II K-2A/1202A,   Space Plane K-3,   Streak K-4/1204,   Apogee/Apogee II K-5/1205,

Ranger K-6,   Phantom K-7/K-7B/1207,   Sky Hook K-8/1208,   Spaceman K-9,   Cobra K-10,   WAC Corporal K-11/1211,

Farside K-12/1212,   FarsideX K-12X,   Falcon K-13/1213,   Drifter K-14/1214,   Sprite K-15/1215,   Delta K-16,

Areobee 300 K-17/1217,   X-Ray K-18/1218,   Invader K-19,   Mars Snooper K-20/1220,   Mars Snooper II 1220,

Gemini Titan K-21,   V-2 K-22/1222,   Big Bertha K-23/1223,   Gyroc K-24/1224,   Alpha K-25/1225,   Arcas K-26/1226,

Honest John K-27/1227,   Thor Agena-B K-28,   Saturn 1B K-29/1229,   Little Joe II K-30,   Star Blazer K-31,

Starlight K-32,   Trident K-33/1233,   Nighthawk K-34/1234,   Constellation K-35/1235,   Saturn V K-36/1236,

Scrambler K-37/1237,   Avenger K-38/1238,   Semi Scale Saturn V K-39/1239,   Midget K-40,   Mercury Redstone K-41/1241,

Orbital Transport K-42/1242,   Mars Lander K-43/1243,   Birdie K-44,   Beta K-45,   Shrike K-46/1246,   Cherokee D K-47/1247,

Bandit K-48/1248,   Sprint K-49/1249,   Interceptor K-50/1250,   Sandhawk K-51/1251,   Omega K-52/1252,   Stinger K-53,

Saros K-54/1254,   Goblin K-55/1255,   Alpha III K-56/1256,   Sky Dart K-57/1257,   Demon K-58/1258,   SPEV K-59/1259


Goonybird Series


Mini Brutes

Mini Brute Fleet Pack TK123,   Mosquito TK-1,   Screamer TK-2,   Mini-Bertha TK-3,   Hornet TK-4,   Mini-Bomarc TK-5/0805,   

Pegasus 0806,   Condor 0807,   Super Flea/Javelin 0815,   Wolverine 0816,    Aero-Hi 0817,    Rogue 0818,    Little John 0819,    Star Blazer TK-31/0831,

Midget TK-40,   Birdie TK-44,   Beta TK-45/0845,   Eclipse 0846,   Star Dart 0860,   A.S.P. 0862,   Estes Starliner 0863






Scale and Semi Scale Models




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