Liberty Seated Dimes

1860 to 1891 | Circulated Through EF45

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Liberty Seated Dime Purchase Criteria: eye appeal, original surfaces and full strikes including a full head.Seated dimes that meet these combined attributes provide the best value for the money including being the easiest for resale when upgrading a collection. It is recommended that buyers consider these criteria when contemplating a purchase from any dealer.

Top 100 Varieties: Any Seated dime that conforms to requirements for inclusion in a Top 100 Varieties is denoted in the Variety column.

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Photo Date Grade TPG Top 100
GFRC Rating Price Description Buy
Seated 10C 1862S 1862-S
Choice $1380 New June 9! Scarce San Francisco Civil War Date, Pristine Surfaces, Lakeland Collection. Consignor Pricing Reduction. Other than the 1861-S, the 1862 San Francisco issue is the second most challenging Civil War era date to locate. The Lakeland Collection has released this duplicate from this Civil War centric collection after a recent upgrade. Please have a close look at the images which accurately illustrate this offering. Surfaces are toned a light gray and are found to be unabraded when reviewed with a 10x. Strike is typical for the issue with weakness at the head and surrounding legend. A thoroughly pleasing example for Civil War buffs. Housed in new large font NGC holder.
Seated 10C 1863S 1863-S
Choice $600 Civil War Issue, Natural Gray Patina, A Fully Choice Original Example. Consignor Pricing Reduction. This newly consigned 1863-S Seated dime is spot on original with its natural coin gray patina. The strike is better than average with complete lettering throughout the legend as many will be seen with weak or partial OF. Darker gray toning surrounds the devices, especially on the reverse. Surfaces are essentially unabraded with a single faint line from the obverse rim to the base. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder with CAC approval.
Seated 10C 1864S 1864-S
Choice $845 Choice Preservation, Crusty Gray, So Pleasing!. This 1864-S Seated dime is yet another CACG acquisition from the Whitman show and earns a Choice quality rating. Folks, they don't come much nicer than this piece at the certified grade. The key is strictly original surfaces that are protected by a uniform gray skin. This is an evenly worn example with essentially unabraded surfaces. An opportunty to add a rock solid San Francisco Civil War date to a collection. Housed in new CAC Grading (2023) holder and graded consistent with CAC approval standards.
Seated 10C 1865 1865
Original $2150 New June 9! Scarce Civil War Issue, John McCloskey Pedigree, Even Gray, Lakeland Collection. Consignor Pricing Reduction. The final Lakeland Collection release is a challenging 1865 Philadelphia issue that formed a part of the John McCloskey Collection until his passing during 2018. Years later, the collection was consigned to Heritage Auctions with NGC grading. This example presents even gray toning on both sides with embedded gold on the reverse. Wear is uniform with no abrasions worthy of mention. All Civil War P-Mint dates continue to be under strong demand given the limited supply entering the market. Housed in new large font NGC holder with special John McCloskey Collection pedigree label.
Seated 10C 1866 1866
Jewelry Piece
VF Details raw
Choice $250 Victorian Era Jewelry Button, Crusty Original and Choice, AuburnNY Accordian Collection. The AuburnNY Collection is back with a special treat with these 1866 dated half dimes and dime. These are Victorian Era jewelry pieces are buttons with Seated coinage obverse side soldered onto pins. Based on this positioning, the obverses are protected from incremental wear once placed into jewelry status. We have a crusty gray 1866-P (yes, the date slopes up) and two 1866 half dimes with less wear but similair crust. The consignor and GFRC have done our best to price these antiquities but offers are welcomed for the three pieces as one lot.
Seated 10C 1867S 1867-S
Choice $500 Difficult San Francisco Date, Natural Coin Gray Skin, Unabraded Surfaces, CAC Approval. Though not technically a Civil War issue, 1867 Liberty Seated coinage is often lumped into that era due to similar mintages and striking characteristics. This unabraded survivor, from a mintage of 140,000, offers natural coin gray toning along with peripheral ebony framing. A premium example with a decent strike. CAC has approved 24 in all grades and one less than its rare Philadelphia counterpart. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.6 (2013-2014) holder with CAC approval
Seated 10C 1871S 1871-S
Choice HOLD
New May 28! Noteworthy Preservation, Choice Original, Later Die State with No Repunching.. The 1871-S F-101 die pairing, with repunching on the 18 digits, is the most frequently seen die pairing for the date. Later F-101 die state sees the elimination of the repunching with the low date punch being an alternative attribution point. This new GFRC buyback is quite sweet and will please the most selective collector of the series. Surface are toned an even coin gray with darker speckled toning on the obverse. Strike is typical for the issue, especially the weak reverse devices. Worthy of a JUST BUY IT NOW recommendation as a thoroughly delightful example at the certified grade. CAC has only approved 24 in all grades. Between EF40 and AU58, that tally is a miniscule 11 pieces rendering this quite scarce in terms of strict originality that will garner a CAC green bean. Housed in PCGS Gen 5.0 (2015) holder with CAC approval.
Seated 10C 1872 1872
AU Details PCGS
TOP #58
Original $650 Scarce Proof Strike, Misplaced 2 Digit in Base, Greer Plate Coin, Original Surfaces, Ancient Rim Filiing, Gerry Fortin Reference Collection. Brian Greer plate coin. The 1872 F-109 and F-109a die varieties features a misplaced 2 digit in base. F-109 catalogs the very scarce proof strike while F-109a captures subsequent circulation strikes. This variety was discovered by Kam Ahwash, as a proof strike, and first listed by Greer. It is further listed as part of the Top 100 Varieties set. The offered example was purchased directly from Brian Greer during December 1992 and has remained in raw condition in my collection until recent grading. A no question proof strike that would grade PF62. However, there is an ancient rim filing below the date that is completely toned over and was not noticed until the piece came back with a PCGS Details grade. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 holder with Rim Damage, AU Details. The 1872 F-109 plate coin at The Definitive Resource for Liberty Seated Dime Variety Collectors commonly known as the Seated Dime web-book. The 1872 F-109 variety is also listed in the Top 100 Varieties set. Definitely a piece of numismatic history regardless of the ancient rim filing.
Seated 10C 1872 1872
Original $750 Doubled Die Reverse, Original, Steven Vitale Collection.. A spectacular doubled die error on the reverse of an 1872 dime was discovered by Dave Thomas during April 1999 and published in the Gobrecht Journal by Tom DeLorey in July 2003. The reverse die was hubbed twice with the second hubbing being rotated approximately 175 degrees from the initial hubbing. Both the obverse and reverse dies are heavily clashed resulting in a treasure trove of attribution diagnostics. This Vitale Collection example is toned a light silver-gray with peripheral gold. Surfaces are minimally abraded and pleasing. Nearly all F-105 examples will be found with a partial head as is the case with this lot. Listed in the Top 100 Varieties set and worthy of an aggressive bid. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder. The label documents the die variety as DDR FS-801.
Seated 10C 1872 1872
Double Die Reverse
Original $425 Double Die Reverse, Thick Crusty Gray Patina, Near-Choice Original, Under Construction Collection. This 1872 F-105 Double Due Reverse offering is unquestionably original due to thick crusty gray patina on both sides. The erroneous 180 degree second hubbing can be easily identifiedby residual design elements between DIM(E) and the right corn husk. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder. The PCGS label reads DDR FS-801.
Seated 10C 1872 1872
VF20 raw
Original $265 Double Die Reverse, Second Die Pairing, Crusty Original Gray, Blemish Free. The second obverse die pairing later identified after initial publicity surrounding the F-105 die pair and placement into Top 100 Varieties set. Toning is an even light to medium gray on this rare variety. 1872 double die reverses were cherrypicked after Coin World announcement and few are coming to the market. This is chance to acquire an original and problem free mid grade example at a reasonable price.
Seated 10C 1872 1872
Double Die Reverse
F15 raw
TOP #56
Original $195 Doubled Die Reverse, Original Gray with Ebony, Typical Strike, AuburnNY Accordian Collection. A mid grade example of the 1872 double die reverse. Reverse die was hubbed twice with first hubbing 180 degrees out of phase with second hubbing. Remnants of the first hubbing are seen in the lower right wreath to the right of the lower corn ears. Surfaces are original with base layer of gray patina along with ebony highlights. There are a few scattered tick to consider. Listed in the Top 100 Varieties as #56. From the AuburnNY Accordian Collection.
Seated 10C 1873 1873
Doubled Die Obverse
Choice $2950 Doubled Die Obverse, Choice Original, Steven Vitale Collection.. This 1873 Double Die Obverse example offers incredible insights into the extensive doubling in the shield as the strike is hammered in the obverse center. The 1873 F-103 doubled obverse die variety was discovered by Kam Ahwash, but not published in his 1981 encyclopedia. This variety is considered as having an R-6 rarity and is infrequently encountered, bringing a significant premium when located. The Vitale example is strictly original with choice surfaces that are toned rose-gray with embedded gold that appears under angled lighting. Though not CAC approved, this lot is significant and should garner aggressive bidding. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.4 (2005-2011) holder. The label documents the die variety as Doubled Die Obverse.
Seated 10C 1873 1873
With Arrows
Choice $1100 Doubled Die Obverse, Crusty Olive-Gray, Bold Shield Doubling, Dallas Collection. The 1873 F-103 Doubled Die Obverse is a very scarce die variety with rotational die doubling of the obverse shield to the south and east. No examples are known in Mint State with the finest being Simpson/Gardner's PCGS AU58 with $20,000+ price at auction. This fresh example, from the Dallas Collection, is very well preserved with an olive-gray crusty patina consistent on both sides. The shield doubling is quite pronounced when viewing with a 10x. Reverse devices are weakly struck which is consistent with those previously seen. Listed in the Liberty Seated Dime Top 100 Varieties Set as #60. In summary, a strong example at the certified grade that warrants a trip to CAC. Housed in PCGS Gen 6.0 (2015-2020) holder with Arrows DDO FS-101, F-103 attribution.
Seated 10C 1875 1875
VF30 raw
TOP #63
Original $125 Misplaced 1 Digit in Denticles, Original Gray Decent Strike, AuburnNY Accordian Collection. A popular misplaced digit die variety due to a bold top of 1 digit protruding upward from the denticles. Surfaces are blemish free and covered with light gray patina. This is a nice original example that will easily gray. Listed in the Top 100 Varieties as #63. From the AuburnNY Accordian Collection.
Seated 10C 1876CC 1876-CC
Type 1 Reverse
EF Details PCGS
Cleaned $765 Very Rare F-112 Rotated Reverse, Rose-Gray Patina, Old Cleaning, Cleveland Collection. . Consignor Price Reduction. An important opportunity to acquire a higher circulated grade 1876-CC F-112 example, an R7 variety in VF or better. The F-112 die variety results when the F-106 reverse, previously paired with double die obverse, is subsequently paired with a fresh obverse die. That die pairing was brief and resulted in varying degrees of reverse rotation on the few survivors seen. A handful of F-112 examples have been located after years of searching by Liberty Seated dime die variety specialists. This example is a duplicate from the Cleveland Collection after purchasing the 1876-CC F-112 plate coin at The Definitive Resource for Liberty Seated Dime Variety Collectors ($1350). This duplicate grades full EF45 but have been cleaned in the past. Surfaces have retoned a consistent rose-gray. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.6 holder with label reading, PCGS Genuine, Cleaning - EF Details. A great filler example until a strictly original specimen can be located. Good luck with that hunt.
Seated 10C 1879 1879
Original $650 Low Mintage, Repunched Date, Gun Metal Gray-Blue Patina, Original Surfaces, AuburnNY Accordian Collection. The 1879 F-104 die pair was employed for proof and business strikes. Strong repunching can be found on the 1 and 8 digits with traces on the 9 digit. The 1 digit shows repunching above the upright and below the base. On the 8 digit, repunching can be seen in the bottom of the upper and lower loops. Faint repunching can be found within the lower loop of the 9 digit. This is a return appearance of a lovely EF45 example with deep gun metal gray-blue patina. Strike is typical while surfaces are abrasion free. Accurately graded and housed in PCGS Gen 5.0 (2015) Dupont hologram holder.
Seated 10C 1891 1891
Gem $600 New June 9! Full Head, Thick Frosted Luster, Gem Original, Lakeland Collection. Consignor Pricing Reduction. Collectors seeking a premium gem Seated dime for type might wish to purchase this Lakeland Collection release. With Legend hubbed dimes are notorious for weak strikes including partial heads, especially the 1891 date given large production totals. This lot presents a fully struck head and reverse bow knot as a starting point. Equally important is the thick frosted luster that screams gem originality. Under a bright light, the radiance is captivating along with spinning cartwheels. This is a premium dime that is fairly priced and is quarantined to not disappoint. Housed in PCGS Gen 4.3 (2004) holder.
Seated 10C 1891 1891
EF40 raw
Original $225 Cracked Reverse Die, Original Dirty Light Gray-Gold Coloring, Frosty Luster, Indiana Collection. A frosty original example of the 1891 F-128 die variety with developing reverse die cud at 3:00. A distinctive array of reverse die cracks exit to the rim at 11:30 and 12:00 with shelf metal present on the offered example. A strong example of the variety from the Indiana Collection.
Seated 10C 1891 1891
TOP #94
Original $95 Misplaced Digit In Denticles, Original Gray Patina, Accurately Graded, Top 100 Varieties, AuburnNY Accordian Collection. One does not often see the 1891 F-107 die variety with a misplaced digit in the denticles below the final 89 digits. This die variety is #94 in the Top 100 Varieties set. The offered example, from the AuburnNY Accordian Collection, resides in mid 1990s generation ANACS white holder and is accurately graded. Surfaces are strictly original with even light gray toning and without blemishes.