Variety 111

 Obverse 11: High Bold Date, Downward Slope, Die Scratches On Legs, Drapery

Reverse K: Perfect Die


Obverse 11                                                Reverse K


Obverse Diagnostic Points


Comments: Obverse 11 can be diagnosed via several obvious die preparations characteristics. The date digits were heavily punched and are bold. The broken punch on the 1 digit is clear while the 5 digit has the ball joined to the upper segment. There are die chips around Stars 3 through 6. In addition, there are two nearly vertical scratches on Liberty's legs and below the right elbow into the drapery. These die scratches were first pointed out by Rick DeSanctis to the author during February 2015.

Reverse K is perfect with no available diagnostics.

Plate Coin: Courtesy Eugene H. Gardner Collection, NGC MS65

1857 Varieties 101, 102, 102a, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 109a, 110, 111, 112, 113, 114, 115

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