Variety 101a

 Obverse 1: Medium Level Date

Reverse Aa: Large O, Oblique Punch, Reverse Rotated Left 52 Degrees


Obverse 1                                                 Reverse A


Comments:  The reverse die is rotated left by 52 degrees. No die cracks are evident on the rotated reverse die therefore suggesting that the improper die alignment occurred early during the die pairing.

The existence of an New Orleans 1849 Large O dime with other than 52 degrees rotation was unknown until May 2014 when Gene Gress of JJ Teaparty identified a second reverse rotation of 34 degrees.

Given the fact that 52 degree and 34 degree left rotation specimens are known for the Large O die pair, one must assume that the hammer die (reverse) became free of its set screw and moved during an unknown amount of strikes. More research is warranted to locate specimens that would exhibit reverse rotation other than 52 and 34 degrees to confirm a loose hammer die theory.

Plate Coin: G. Fortin Collection, PCGS AU50

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