Variety 107

 Obverse 7: Short Flag 1, High Date, Slight Upward Slope, Partial (S)TATES

Reverse G: Die Line Through (D)IME


Obverse 7                                              Reverse G


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)                     Reverse Diagnostic Point(s)


Comments: Short Flag 1 Variety 107 was first brought to my attention by Dr. Tim Cook during June 2010. I was quite surprised to see a fifth Short Flag 1 obverse die surface after extensive checking of all 1869 Short Flag 1 dimes that crossed my path. The Obverse 7 date punch is bold, especially at the top flag of the 1 digit. The date has a slight upward slope with the 1 digit evenly spaced between the base and denticles. The first S in STATES is partial as compared to fully broken S on other Short Flag 1 obverse dies.

Reverse G is also a new discovery with an obvious die line through (D)IME which extends into the left wreath.

Plate Coin: Courtesy Dr. Tim Cook Collection, EF45

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