Variety 110

 Obverse 3.3: Late Die State, Die Cracks Through Stars, Stars 1 and 12 Repunched

Reverse H: Large O, [mm C,H]


Obverse 3.3                                                Reverse D


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)                  Reverse Diagnostic Point(s)


Comparison of Mintmark Positions

Reverse D [mm Rt,H)                           Reverse G [mm C,H]


Comments: This variety has been an enigma for the author. During the late 1990s, Kevin Zeitler on behalf of Jack Marston, presented an 1839-O dime with Obverse 3 and what appeared to be a different reverse die than the common Obverse 3 and Reverse D die pairing. At that time, I hesitated to list this variety due to lack of a second confirming specimen and the subtle difference in mintmark position. Time went by with the web-book's release in 2005 without this rare die pairing variety. During 2009, Jack Marston and I started direct contact and he suggested I take another careful look at this 1839-O dime and also provided images of a second confirming specimen purchased via eBay during 2008. Based on the new review of Jack's 1839-O dime, I am convinced of a second die pairing with Obverse 3. The new reverse die is labeled Reverse H.

Obverse 3 is easily diagnosed by Star 1 close to rock and the date is medium distance from the base and level. There are no rim cuds on the plate coin. Die cracks connect Stars 1-7 on the Marston coin consistent with Variety 105b obverse die state.

Reverse H can be characterized by a Large O mintmark that is centered in the horizontal direction and high in the vertical direction. The mintmark on commonplace Reverse D is positioned more to the right than Reverse H. Traces of a die crack from rim to AMERIC(A) is also noted.

At this time, there are no other die pairings known during 1839 or 1840 with Reverse H. More research is required.

Plate Coin: Courtesy of Jack Marston Collection, VF 35

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