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Variety 116a

 Obverse 16: Die Crack Through Date Digits, High Date, Left Arrow Points Down

Reverse P.2: Die Cud 2:00 - 3:30

Latest Known Die State


Slightly Earlier Die State


Obverse 16                                                Reverse P.2

Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)

Die Cuds - Die State Comparison




Comments: The primary Variety 116a diagnostic is a significant reverse die cud above the letters A(MERI)CA that is progressive in nature.

During this late die state, Obverse 16 exhibits die cracks through the bottom of the date digits and through the right arrow into the rim.

The first example of this variety (above top) was purchased in the early 2007 timeframe. During the 2013 Rosement ANA convention, I was offered a second Variety 116a example (above) by California dealer Harry Smith. A careful comparison of the two examples reveals slightly different die states based on the amount of die cud formation. In the above reverse macro images, the expansion of the die cud across the top of A(M)ERICA is evident along with a die crack appearing above (A)MERICA. Mostly likely, the die area above A also shattered with a few more strikes. The die cud also expands above AMER(I)CA in the later die state.

Locating two Variety 116a example across a six year timeframe provides sufficient evidence to confirm that the shattering of the reverse die was a progressive process rather than a single terminal event.

Plate Coin: G. Fortin Collection, VG10 (above top), G6 (above)

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