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Liberty Seated Dimes - Major Varieties Cross Reference Guide

During October 2009, the PCGS registry staff lead by BJ Searls launched new registry sets that comprehend major varieties within individual coinage series. These sets were defined as "Complete Variety Sets" and featured varieties defined in the Cherrypickers' Guide by Bill Fivaz and J.T. Stanton. Following is a detailed cross reference guide for the Liberty Seated Dime variety collectors who may wish to attribute their coins to the Cherrypickers' Guide variety listings and also be able to properly reference the associated PCGS certification number. Additional cross referencing to the Fortin numbers and web-book descriptions are provided to simplify the attribution process. Finally, a quick scan Pictorial Guide is provided to further simplify attributions.

Several of the Cherrypickers' varieties have inconsistencies with illustrations in the guidebook. Those situations are discussed and suggestions made for selecting the actual variety to be certified and included in the PCGS Complete Variety Set.


Cross Reference Guide

Click on the underlined Fortin Variety number to see images and web-book descriptions for each PCGS/Cherrypickers' Guide variety.

Date/Cherrypickers' Variety

Fortin Cross Reference

PCGS Cross Reference

Variety Description

1838 No Drapery, Small Stars Double Die Reverse - FS-801
Doubling is clearly visible on (D)IME, the ribbon bow and lower wreath. Only one reverse die paired with Small Stars obverse, therefore all 1838 Small Stars examples are DDR FS-801
1838 No Drapery, Large Stars Doubled Die Reverse - FS-802
The reverse die paired with 1838 Small Stars obverse re-used with Large Stars obverse die. This variety has received little if any publicity and is not popular with Seated dime variety collectors.
1839-O No Drapery Repunched Mintmark - FS-501
The Large O mintmark is strongly repunched. Two die states can be located; without and with a bisecting horizontal die crack through left wreath, DIME and right wreath. The latter die state (F-104a) is one of the Fortin Top 100 Varieties. For PCGS registry, only the repunched mintmark is required.
1841-O Transitional Reverse Small O - FS-901
Small O mintmarked reverse die from 1840 with Closed Bud wreath design paired in January 1841 with new 1841 With Stars obverse die. Both Large O and Small O Closed Bud examples are struck from the same 1841 obverse die. The variety is transitional and highly sought after by Seated dime variety collectors.
1841-O Transitional Reverse Large O - FS-902
Large O mintmarked reverse die from 1840 with Closed Bud wreath design paired in January 1841 with new 1841 With Stars obverse die. Both Large O and Small O Closed Bud examples are struck from the same 1841 obverse die. The variety is transitional and highly sought after by Seated dime variety collectors.
1843 Repunched Date - FS-301
Nicely defined repunching is visible on all 1843 digits. This variety is well established and popular with collectors.
1853 Arrows Repunched Date - FS-1301
Repunching is visible to the right of all four date digits. This is another well established variety that is popular. Please note that 1853 WA obverse dies come with hand punched date digits and arrows (Unhubbed) and fully hubbed date digits and arrows in the working hub die.
1856 Small Date Doubled Die Obverse - FS-1101
There are inconsistencies surrounding this variety due to difference between Greer and the Cherrypickers' Guide. Cherrypicker references the variety as Greer 101 (Doubled East), however the Cherrypickers' Guide uses an illustration of another 1856 DDO variety (Doubled North). I've chosen to associate FS-1101 with F-108 which is the Doubled East variety and will consult with PCGS to ensure there is alignment on the proper DDO that qualifies as 145489.
1856-O Repunched Date - FS-2301
Bold repunching is visible above the 56 digits. This obverse is quite rusted and is paired with a Large O reverse die.
1872 Repunched Date - FS-301
A weaker secondary date punch is visible within the 18 and 2 digits.
1872 Doubled Die Reverse - FS-801
A dramatic doubled reverse die with second hubbing being 170 degrees rotated from the first. This is a popular variety with collectors.
1873 No Arrows Closed 3 Repunched Date - FS-301
Repunching is obvious at the bottom left of each date digit.
1873 With Arrows Doubled Die Obverse - FS-2101
The obverse is strongly doubled on the shield and on the banner across the shield. This is a rare variety in higher grades but occasionally cherrypicked in lower grades.
1875 Misplaced Date - FS-301
The top of a 1 digit is clearly protruding from the denticles directly below the 8 digit in the date. This variety is very popular and quite scarce.
1876-CC Level CC Doubled Die Obverse - FS-101
An 1876-CC obverse die exhibits strong doubling on OF AMERICA. This obverse die was paired with three different reverse dies until completely eroded and no longer suitable for coinage. The three reverse dies can be identified by different mintmark positions. The FS-101 variety results from second reverse die to be paired with doubled obverse die.
1876-CC Right C High, Doubled Die Obverse - FS-102
The FS-102 variety results from third reverse die to be paired with doubled obverse die. This pairing is most available with examples showing substantial obverse and reverse die erosion.
1876-CC Right C Low, Doubled Die Obverse - FS-103
The FS-103 variety results from first reverse die to be paired with doubled obverse die. This pairing is the most difficult to locate but specimens are nicely struck.
1876-CC Misplaced Date - FS-301
Two misplaced 76 digits are clearly visible to the immediate right of the lower shield and scroll end
1876-CC Type 2 Reverse - FS-901
A single reverse die with Type 2 reverse design was used to strike 1876 Carson City coinage. The Type 2 reverse is easily diagnosed by checking the left ribbon end. If single pointed, then Type 2 reverse design. If double pointed, then Type 1 reverse design.
1887-S/S Repunched Mintmark - FS-501
This Cherrypickers' variety is confusing. Greer identifed two different 1887-S repunched mintmarks based on Wexler and Miller. The Cherrypickers' Guide illustrations shows neither and is in error. I've chosen to cross reference Greer 102 since it appears as CONECA RPM 2. Discussion with PCGS on proper attribution is necessary.
1888-S/S Repunched Mintmark - FS-501
Repunching can be seen on the left side of the mintmark between the upper loop and top tail of the serif and secondly, below the final serif. The repunching below the left serif is the primary diagnostic for identifying this variety.
1889 Doubled Die Reverse - FS-801
Five different 1889 reverse dies have been documented with doubling at www.seateddimevarieties.com. I've chosen to cross reference Cherrypickers' FS-801 with the F-105 variety and Double Die Obverse #2 based on the illustrations in the Cherrypickers' Guide. The is doubling within the wreath leaves and and an obvious die crack in the same area.
1890 Misplaced Date - FS-301
The top of an 8 or 9 misplaced date digit is evident in the gown to the right of the shield and scroll.
1890 Misplaced Date - FS-302
The top loops of four misplaced digits are visible in the lower gown. The left and right outer digits appear to be the top loops of an 8 and 0 digits. These two outer digits are positioned directly above the final date punch. The two inner misplaced digits appear to be the top loops of an 9 and 0 punch.
1890-S/S Repunched Mintmark - FS-501
The right outline of the earlier Medium S punched mintmark is very visible to the right of the final Medium S. The upper loop of the first S mintmark is also clearly visible within the upper loop of the final S. This is a scarce variety.
1890-S/S Repunched Mintmark - FS-502
The artifact in the upper loop of the Medium S mintmark has been designated as the remnants of a Small S mintmark in the Cherrypicker's Guide.. After close examination of the Medium S mintmark on several examples, I am not completely convinced that this variety is a Medium S over Small S mintmark. The lower loop of the Medium S does not show any evidence or remnants of a Small S mintmark.
1890-S Small S Mintmark
There are two 1890-S reverse dies punched with a Small S mintmark. On the F-105 reverse, the Small S is center between the ribbon ends while on F-108, then Small S is positioned well left. Either mintmark locations are difficult to locate.
1891 Misplaced Date - FS-301
The top loop of an 8 or 9 digit is visible in the denticles at a point below the 8 and 9 date digits.
1891-O/O O/Horizontal O - FS-501
This variety is classified as a primary New Orleans mintmark punched over a previously punched horizontal O mintmark.
1891-S/S Repunched Mintmark - FS-501
A well known variety due to the easily detected Medium S over Small S mintmark.



PCGS Major Varieties Gallery

PCGS #4569
1838 – F-101/101a – Small Stars Obverse/Doubled Die Reverse



PCGS #145484
1838 – F-102 – Doubled Reverse Die as 1838 Small Stars



PCGS #145485
1839-O – F-104/104a – Repunched Large O Mintmark



PCGS #145486
1841-O – F-102 – Transitional Small O Closed Bud Reverse




PCGS #145487
1841-O – F-101– Transitional Large O Closed Bud Reverse




PCGS #145488
1843 – F-102 – Repunched Date




PCGS #145489
1853 With Arrows – Unhubbed F-107 – Repunched Date




PCGS #145490
1856 Small Date – F-108 – Doubled Die Obverse East





PCGS #145491
1856-O – F-105 – Repunched Date; Above 56 Digits




PCGS #145493
1872 – F-106 – Repunched Date




PCGS #145142
1872 – F-105 – Doubled Die Reverse, 170 Degree Rotation





PCGS #145494
1873 No Arrows, Closed 3 – F-103 – Repunched Date





PCGS #145495
1873 With Arrows – F-103 – Doubled Die Obverse, Shield




PCGS #145496
1875 – F-107 – Misplaced 1 Digit in Denticles




PCGS #145497
1876-CC – F-106 – Doubled Die Obverse / Level CC Mintmark





PCGS #145498
1876-CC – F-107– Doubled Die Obverse / Right CC High




PCGS #145499
1876-CC – F-105 – Doubled Die Obverse / Right CC Low




PCGS #145500
1876-CC – F-111 – Misplaced 76 Digits



PCGS #145501
1876-CC Type 2 Reverse – F-101





PCGS #145502
1887-S – F-104 - Medium S over S




PCGS #145503
1888-S – F-105 - Medium S over S




PCGS #145504
1889 – F-105 - Doubled Die Reverse - Fortin DDR #2





PCGS #145505
1890 – F-105 - Single Misplaced Digit




PCGS #145506
1890 – F-106 - Four Misplaced Digits




PCGS #145508
1890-S – F-107 - Medium S over S




PCGS #145507
1890-S – F-111 - Medium S over Small S




PCGS #38895
1890-S – F-105 or F-108 - Small S





PCGS #38897
1891-O – F-109 - O over Horizontal O




PCGS #145510
1891-S – F-105 - Medium S over Small S


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