Small Date

Variety 109

 Obverse 8.2: Lapped Die, Doubled Obverse Die East, Medium Level Date

Reverse I: Perfect Die


Obverse 8.2                                               Reverse I


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)


Comparison of Obverse 8 Date Punch

Before and After Die Lapping


Comments: Obverse 8 has been significantly polished or lapped, resulting in reduced depth of all devices. The date punch and Stars 1 through 3 are the better diagnostic points for separating the two different die states. Note that the die polishing completely eliminates the date repunching seen during Variety 108. To the untrained eye, it is difficult to believe that these two date punch conditions could occur from the same obverse die. The die lapping removes a substantial amount of die surface metal and reduces the depth of the remains images below the die's surface. During die lapping, date digits typically become smaller and distances between the digits and surrounding devices will increase.

An equal number of doubled obverse die east examples have been seen in the pre and post die lapping die states; neither die state is rarer than the other.

Reverse I is perfect on the plate coin.

Plate Coin: G. Fortin Collection, MS63

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