Small Date

Variety 118

 Obverse 16: Misplaced 8 Digit Below Base, Medium Level Date, Closed 5

Reverse R: Perfect Die


Obverse 16                                               Reverse R


Obverse Diagnostic Points


Comments: This date position variety has proven to be very elusive in EF or better. The plate coin was located in a 100 piece hoard during 1992. This hoard is sometimes refered to as the "Hungary Hoard".

During September 2017, the author received an unattriubted dime from Mike Mucedola that matched the Variety 118 date placement. The bold strike revealed two lumps protruding from the bottom of the base and in between the 8 and 5 digits in the date. Inspection with stereo microscope leads the author to believe these lumps are the left and right segments of the upper loop of the 8 digit. The Variety 118 listing has been updated accordingly while the Mucedola specimen has been listed separately as Variety 118a due to heavy die pitting in the right obverse field.

Plate Coin: G. Fortin Collection, VF30

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