Variety 112

 Obverse 9: Medium Date, Slight Upward Slope

Reverse K.2: Medium O Over Upside Down Small S, [mm Lt,H,TL4], Clashed and Cracked Die


Obverse 9                                             Reverse K.2


Comments: Obverse 9 shows some cudding around the rim but otherwise is perfect.

For Reverse K, Ahwash states that the Medium O mintmark is repunched over an another O that was repunched over an S mintmark. Analysis of this claim has been presented during Variety 111 description and the resulting conclusion is that the artifacts within the Medium O mintmark are that of a repunched upside down Small S mintmark. Reverse K is also cracked in this interim die state. There is a die crack from the left side of the mintmark up through the left ribbon end into the left maple leaf. Another heavy die crack is found from the rim at 9:00, up through the wreath and back out to the rim at 10:00. This die crack continues through the top left of the wreath into the wheat grains.

Plate Coin: None Available

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