Variety 110c

 Obverse 8.4: Severe Die Crack At Bottom of Date, Retained Cud, Terminal Die State

Reverse J.2: Lightly Cracked Die


Obverse 8.4                                            Reverse J.2


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)


Variety 110b Obverse Die Cracks for Reference


Comments: We can now confirm the terminal die state of Obverse 8 based on an 1852 specimen discovered by Kale Wetherell and shipped to the author during June 2016. The severe die cracking event at the date digits remains constant with the Variety 110b die state. During the 110b die state, the right side of die is also badly cracked as illustrated above with two images from the Variety 110b webpage

During the 110c die state, a portion of the obverse die has fully separated from the body resulting in a large retained cud that extends into the stars and Liberty cap. Please note the weak reverse strike opposite the obverse retained cud. There is no reeding along the obverse cud as insufficient metal flow into the collar.

Plate Coin: Courtesy of Kale Wetherell, Fine 12 Details

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