Variety 118

 Obverse 14: Rim Cud at Star 1, High Level Date

Reverse R: Cracked Die, Lower Ribbon Ends, A(MERICA)


Obverse 14                                               Reverse R


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)                   Reverse Diagnostic Point(s)



Comments: Obverse 14 can be diagnosed by a high level date with Denticle Ruler measurement -1B0. This the same date position as Obverse 11, the proof die. However, on Obverse 14 there is a significant rim die cud to the right of Star 1. Surfaces that lack metal flow line and bold denticles on the plate coin indicate an early die state obverse die but with an edge chip leaving the rim cud.

Reverse R is cracked along lower wreath devices and legend. This die also appears to be in an early die state but exhibiting substantial die cracks. The reverse die is rotated slightly right as illustrated above.

Could Obverse 14 be a re-use of Obverse 11, the proof die? Available 1852 proof plate coins at Heritage Auctions were studied and compared to Variety 118 plate coin. No common markers were located; there is no definitive evidence to link Obverse 14 with the proof obverse die at this time.

Tim Cook discovered this new variety/die state during September 2014.

Plate Coin: Courtesy Tim Cook Collection, NGC AU53

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