Type II Reverse - Variety 108

 Obverse 6.2: 1877/6 Overdate, Repunched Date, Die Scratch In Shield, High Level Date, Die Cracks

Reverse G: Small CC, [mm Lt,H,TR], Die Crack through Mintmark


Obverse 6.2                                              Reverse G


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)                  Reverse Diagnostic Point(s)





Comments: Varieties 107 and 108 are incredible example of multiple die preparation anomalies with the first identified overdate, date digit repunching including triple punching and large obverse die scratch.

Obverse 6 is in a later die state based on metal flow lines and is paired with a second reverse die that has a very high mintmark tucked into the ribbon bow. Date repunching remains obvious above the feet of the 1 digit and at the base of the second 7 digit. The repunching on the second 7 digit is triple punching. The date measurement has shifted to DR 0R due to the pullback of the left base of the 1 digit. There is a pronounced die crack from foot to AMERI(CA) to rim. There is another die crack through the tops of letters (AMER)ICA. The obverse die is lightly clashed. The key diagnostic continues to be the long die scratch in the shield below LIBER in the scroll.

Reverse G on the plate coin exhibits metal flow lines on the left and right centers of the wreath elements. The reverse die is lightly doubled clashed. There are die cracks in the upper left wreath and a die crack from the left ribbon down through the mintmark.

During March 2010, the author received an email from Rick DeSanctis, a Ft Myers, Florida dealer, who stated that the Obverse 6 date punch was actually an overdate on an original 1876 die. Rick indicated that the remains of a 6 digit could be seen on the top surface of the crossbar of the second 7 digit consistent with the 1877, 7 Over 6 Liberty Seated Half Dollar listed in Cherrypickers' Guide as FS-50-1877-301. The dime was sent to the author for verification and photography. The remains on the top surface of the 7 digit crossbar were imaged with the dime placed on a mylar wedge to properly adjust lighting angle and capture the anomaly on the top surface of the 7 digit. The anomaly does have similarity with the top loop and Small Knob of a 6 digit. This anomaly will wear quickly, therefore mint state examples of Varieties 107 and Varieties 108 should be examined for the possibility of a full top loop of the 6 digit protruding from the surface. At this time, Obverse 6 is updated to be an 1877/6 overdate variety. More mint state examples of Varieties 107 and 108 are requested from collectors for additional imaging.

Plate Coin: Courtesy of Rick DeSanctis, Numismatic Classics, MS63

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