Type II Reverse - Variety 120

 Obverse 15: Die Scratch Through Liberty's Neck and Shield, MPD In Base, Medium Level Date

Reverse N: Excessively Lapped Die, Small CC, [mm Lt,H,TR2]


Obverse 15                                           Reverse N


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)                  Reverse Diagnostic Point(s)



Comments: Variety 120 results from die pairing of Obverse 5, 1877-CC Type I Reverse with an excessively lapped Type II reverse die. The excessively lapped appearance of this reverse die and a mintmark positioned high near the ribbon bow suggests a reuse of Reverse L; however this is not the case.

Obverse 15, when paired with this Type II Reverse N, continues to show its primary diagnostics; large die scratches through Liberty's neck and through the shield. Carefully inspection of the plate coin also confirm the presence of the misplaced top loop of an 8 digit in the base below the pendant. There are no die cracks on the plate coin suggesting that Obverse 15 was initially paired with this excessively lapped Type II reverse die.

Excessive lapping on Reverse N has removed the left ribbon end and much of the lower left ribbon end details. The revere die has a concave appearance since the denomination in the die's center remains bold while peripheral edge details are weak. At first glance, a die variety specialist might consider this die to be Type II Reverse L, which is also excessively lapped and features a high mintmark. However, carefully review of the mintmark positions on both Reverse L and Reverse N indicate two different dies. See below comparison which indicates that the mintmark on Reverse L tilts left while the mintmark on Reverse N tilts right.

F-116, Type II Reverse L                     F-120, Type II Reverse N


Jim Smith first brought this variety to the author's attention at the 2012 FUN show. Clearly, more research is required to characterize the excessive lapping of 1877 Carson City reverse dies.

Plate Coin: Courtesy of Jim Smith Collection, EF40

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