Type II Reverse - Variety 117

 Obverse 14: Late Die State, Medium Level Date, Die Cracks

Reverse G.2: Lapped Die, Late Die State, Small CC, [mm Lt,H,TR]


Obverse 14                                           Reverse G.2


Obverse Diagnostic Point(s)                  Reverse Diagnostic Point(s)



Comments: The first listing of Obverse 14 finds it in a late die state. The denticle are badly eroded with metal flow lines throughout the obverse. As a secondary diagnostic, there is a group of parallel and horizontal die lines in the gown folds immediately to the right of the shield. Obverse 14 is paired with Reverse G, which is in a late die state. The reverse die also shows denticle erosion and metal flow lines into the denticles.

In the present die state, Reverse 14 has been lapped removing some of the left ribbon end and minimizing some of the details in the lower left wreath leaves. This is another occurence of a lapped 1877-CC Type II reverse die, though Reverse G is not as severely lapped as either Reverse B or Reverse L. There is also a die crack that crosses through the CC mintmark on this late die state example from Reverse G.

Plate Coin: Courtesy of GFRC Inventory, AU58

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